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Lombardy is an important destination for Winter Sports, the sci and what scnowboard. The most important destinations are Livigno and Aprica, with many kilometers of downhill slopes and cross-country trails well maintained and serviced by excellent ski lifts. For summer skiing ski the reference of Lombardy is the Stelvio Pass, which is closed in winter because of the often adverse weather conditions and snow blocking the highway, but that allows you to ski for the whole summer season.

Andare a sciare in auto vicino Milano tra le Perle delle Alpi !

Go skiing in car near Milan among the pearls of the Alps !

Monday 28 November was presented at the "Sala Belvedere Jannacci" of the "Alpine pearls Pirelli Tower in Milan", a partnership between international cooperation Alpine Pearls, FNM S.p. A. and Car Sharing E-Go.

by 19 December 2016 Alpine Skiing
Imparare a Sciare Gratis in Lombrdia – Open Day AMSI 2016

Learn to ski for free at Lombrdia – Open Day AMSI 2016

The ninth edition of the Open Day has been scheduled for Sunday 18 December 2016. Si tratta di un’intera giornata in cui […]

Ferrari F1 a Livigno, la rossa sulla neve !

Ferrari F1 in Livigno, the redhead in the snow !

The Ferrari meets the snow in Livigno in the Snow-show next week. Will be Giancarlo Fisichella to drive the F1 in an "Alpine circuit" between the shopping streets of Livigno.

by 20 February 2016 News Livigno
Sconti Skipass per Santa Caterina, Bormio e San Colombano per gli iscritti a Neveclub.it

Ticket discounts for Santa Caterina, Bormio, San Colombano to Neveclub.it subscribers

Neveclub.it newsletter subscribers can take advantage of discounts at Bormio ski pass, Saint Catherine and Saint Columba

Il World Rookie Fest di Livigno vinto dall’Olanda

The World Rookie Fest, Livigno won by ’ Holland

The World Rookie Fest : Erik Bastiaansen and Henna Ikola best rider at Mottolino Snowpark. Terzo posto per l’italiana Emma Gennero nella categoria Grom

by 20 January 2016 News Livigno
5 milioni di euro in Lombardia per gli impianti di risalita !

5 million in Lombardy for the lifts !

New impetus to winter sports in Lombardy, with a fund from 5 million for work on lifts that can be used in the provinces of Sondrio, Brescia, Bergamo, Lecco, Como, Varese and Pavia.

by 10 October 2015 News Bormio
Pneumatici Invernali Lombardia 2015-2016.

Winter Tyres Lombardy 2015-2016.

Winter tyres, o gomme da neve, are mandatory according to winter Ordinances 2015-2016 over the entire peninsula starting from 15 November, in advance to the 15 October in mountain areas. Let's see in detail the areas and regulations, where have winter tyres or snow chains aboard.

by 31 August 2015 News Winter tires
Livigno 2016, Offerte vacanza Estate, hotels e residence

Livigno 2016, Summer holiday offers, Hotels and residences

Offers for summer holidays in the best Hotels and apartments in Livigno.

by 14 June 2015 Summer Mountain
Aperte le iscrizioni per il Suzuki Nine Knights 2015

Registration open for the Suzuki Nine Knights 2015

In Livigno, 40 among snowboarders and freeskiers will participate in the Open Mottolino and conquer 6 wild card for the Castle.

by 12 March 2015 News Livigno
Maserati Winter Tour 2015 a Livigno

Maserati Winter Tour 2015 Livigno

Maserati Winter Tour, the sensational touring event full of glamor, refinement and music, marks another important milestone in the field of Music Experience Maserati: Livigno.

by 12 March 2015 News Livigno
Suzuki Nine Knights e diventi un Big del Free Style

Suzuki Nine Knights e diventi un Big del Free Style

In Livigno best freestyler Italians will get noticed by the Suzuki Nine Knights 5 at 10 aprile 2015. Partner of the snowpark is Mottolino GoPro

by 16 February 2015 News Livigno


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