Ski boots

Scarponi da sci 2018 le novità per i nostri piedi…

Ski boots 2018 new products for our feet…

Some of the best hiking boots 2018 selected to tackle the slopes with the right comfort and the necessary […]

Scarponi Lange 2018…..i Race comodi !

Lange boots 2018…..the Race comfortably !

Lange 2018, the range Race, RX and XT XC compromise between comfort and precision, performing at the top of the range boots !

Booster Strap per scarponi da sci, tutti come Bode Miller !

Booster Strap for ski boots, all as Bode Miller !

The strap of Bode Miller is now used by many athletes at all levels to improve the response of skiing.

Dynastar-Lange 2016 : Mythic, Racing e tanto Freeride / Scialpinismo

Dynastar-Lange 2016 : Mythic, Racing and much Freeride / Scialpinismo

Dynastar and Lange are the fair ISPO Munich 2015 new ranges of skis 2016 banner of mingling freeride / ski mountaineering, attacks bi-standard, scarponi freeride e all-mountain hi-tech

Novità ROSSIGNOL 2015/2016 : sci Pursuit, lo scarpone Allspeed, la scarpa Alltrack.

News ROSSIGNOL 2015/2016 : sci Pursuit, the boot Allspeed, let scarpa Alltrack.

In 2016 Rossignol presents new ski Pursuit, the boot Allspeed, let scarpa Alltrack con suola ISO touring, the attack bi-standard Dual Axial WTR and the intimate compression gradual

Novità ATOMIC 2015/2016, Sci Nordico

News ATOMIC 2015/2016, Nordic

Cross country : ATOMIC SKINTEC, NOW ON ALL THE RANGE, sci Redster Skintec, Sport Pro Skintec and now Pro Skintec.

Novità ATOMIC 2015/2016, Sci Alpino e Sci Alpinismo

News ATOMIC 2015/2016, Alpine Skiing and Ski Touring


Come scegliere gli scarponi da sci ? Uno scarpone per ogni piede !

How to choose ski boots ? A boot for every foot !

How to choose ski boots is one of the fundamental and most important actions for skiers. When you have to choose your ski boots, she faces a delicate time to be performed in specialized stores where you can follow expert advice. Comfort, the accuracy and the rigidity of the boot will make the difference both in race conditions, that during skiing amateur.

Come scegliere un paio di scarponi da sci ? : guida e consigli tra i vari modelli

How to choose a pair of ski boots ? : guidance and advice between the various models

How to choose a pair of ski boots ? It is a recurring question among less experienced skiers and also among […]


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