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Located just over 1800 m. altitude, Livigno is one of the most important ski areas in the Alps.
The ski area offers CIRA 100 Km of slopes suitable for all levels, In fact, there are ski slopes of varying difficulty and snowboarding, served by modern lifts and fast.
Livigno is also called the “Little Tibet” just because the village and the ski area are developed between the 1800 m and 3000 m.

Livgno also has a snow park at Carousel 3000 where events are organized by International Winter Sports.

Livigno also has approximately 60 Km of tracks for cross-country skiing that run throughout the valley.

Prezzi Benzina Livigno 2017 – prezzi vari di generi extradoganali

Gasoline Prices In Livigno 2017 – prices of various kinds of duty free

Prices of some kinds duty free in Livigno

Ferrari F1 a Livigno, la rossa sulla neve !

Ferrari F1 in Livigno, the redhead in the snow !

The Ferrari meets the snow in Livigno in the Snow-show next week. Will be Giancarlo Fisichella to drive the F1 in an "Alpine circuit" between the shopping streets of Livigno.

Il World Rookie Fest di Livigno vinto dall’Olanda

The World Rookie Fest, Livigno won by ’ Holland

The World Rookie Fest : Erik Bastiaansen and Henna Ikola best rider at Mottolino Snowpark. Third place for the Italian Emma Gal in category Grom

Aperte le iscrizioni per il Suzuki Nine Knights 2015

Registration open for the Suzuki Nine Knights 2015

In Livigno, 40 among snowboarders and freeskiers will participate in the Open Mottolino and conquer 6 wild card for the Castle.

Maserati Winter Tour 2015 a Livigno

Maserati Winter Tour 2015 in Livigno

Maserati Winter Tour, the sensational touring event full of glamor, refinement and music, marks another important milestone in the field of Music Experience Maserati: Livigno.

Suzuki Nine Knights e diventi un Big del Free Style

Suzuki Nine Knights e diventi un Big del Free Style

In Livigno best freestyler Italians will get noticed by the Suzuki Nine Knights 5 to the 10 April 2015. Partner of the snowpark is Mottolino GoPro

SUZUKI NINE KNIGHTS 2015 iniziano i preparativi…

SUZUKI NINE KNIGHTS 2015 preparations begin…

SUZUKI NINE KNIGHTS 2015 Livigno at the Mottolino Fun Mountain 5 to the 10 April, attracts the best skier and snowboarder. Among these: Jesper Capercaillie, Gus Kenworthy, Halldor Helgasson e Seb Toots. Thanks to the video contest “Wanna be a Knight”, you too can be a knight in the castle of snow most famous of the world.

Livigno : 10 cose da fare per non annoiarsi mai !

Livigno : 10 Things to do to not get bored ever !

Livigno and 10 Things to do…Here are the reasons for an active holiday & cool on the slopes of the Little Tibet in Livigno.

Livigno World Rookie Fest : via con gli snowboard !

Livigno World Rookie Fest : away with snowboards !

Livigno World Rookie Fest :The youth snowboarding most renowned in the world is now in its tenth edition and starts today at Livigno Mottolino Fun Mountain.
Are expected 20 national teams from around the world with over 140 athletes.

Sgambeda Classic 2014 : Livigno festeggia con la 25esima edizione

Sgambeda Classic 2014 : Livigno is celebrating the 25th edition

The Swiss Seraina Boner Team Coop and the Norwegian Anders Aukland Team Santander won La Sgambeda Swix Ski Classics. 1100 distance runners in the race from 26 Nations.

Livigno : Sgambeda 2014 – Swix Ski Classis ProTeam Tempo al team Coop

Livigno : Sgambeda 2014 – Swix Ski Classis ProTeam Tempo al team Coop

Sgambeda 2014 : The new race formula, which debuted today at La Sgambeda, liked to athletes. Victory Team Coop on Team Santander and Russian Marathon Team.
Tomorrow grand finale with The Sgambeda Classic, 35 km classic to celebrate 25 years of the race livignasca.

Livigno rinnova la partnership con Roberto Nani

Livigno renews its partnership with Roberto Nani

Renewed the agreement linking Livigno at its peak skier. Sunday off the first giant seasonal glacier in Soelden. Moretti: “Roby is the image of Livigno in the ski world”.

Livigno : Mottolino Snowpark per Snowboard e Freeski

Livigno : Mottolino Snowpark per Snowboard e Freeski

For snowboarders wildest, the ideal is ilo Mottolino Snowpark in Livigno. The ski area is famous worldwide for its snowpark, per snowboard e free-ski.

LIVIGNO e la nuova Stagione Invernale 2014 – 2015 in Tour

LIVIGNO and the new Winter Season 2014 – 2015 in Tour

Part of Russia's "journey" of Livigno in the countries of reference for the winter tourism market. The Little Tibet "on stage" with the new video "Livigno.. feel the alps – Winter Season "that tells the location.

Webcam Livigno Mottolino : Ski Area Costa del Sol

Webcam Livigno Mottolino : Ski Area Costa del Sol


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