Although it is an ancient discipline, ski touring has considerably increased its popularity in recent years, Thanks to the technological evolution of materials needed for such winter sports discipline. In SKI MOUNTAINEERING, climb the mountain without using lifts; To DO THIS get put under the skis of "pellisintetiche" (formerly real seal skins), that, in words, serve to increase the adhesion of snow skis not slide back. Moreover, thanks to an attack that allows the boot "to advance", above 90° you can simulate the walk until it almost natural allowing you to go up the mountain slopes. The descent is done in natural environments with snows that vary depending on the season – similar to the famous ski trip “FREERIDE”. Thanks to BACKCOUNTRY SKIING you can reach remote places outside the confusion and from tourist areas to "feel" these good feelings, and to spend a day surrounded by nature – without the "traffic" of skiers – many fans of nature and sport, practice this activity by day ... and night, in the Moonlight or front light. There are also several performances related to mountaineering, ranging from the most extreme competitions at gatherings easier and approachable by all.

Progetto SHERPA per la ricerca dei dispersi in Valanga

Project SHERPA to the search for the missing in Avalanche

Thanks to EU funding, Alma Mater Studiorum Bologna, He realized the project SHERPA that employs the use of drones, robots and fixed wing-wood plane to serve rescuers assist in search for missing in avalanches in the mountains.

SKIALPDEPARCHI-LASPORTIVA-SKITRAB : Colaianni e Tempesta senza rivali


Took place Sunday 12 March the 12° Trofeo Majella (6th meeting of "Skialpdeiparchi LASPORTIVA SKITRAB" ) organised by sci […]

by 26 March 2017 Ski mountaineering news
SELLARONDA SKI MARATHON 2017 si torna ad Arabba


Friday 24 March is the turn of the Sellaronda Ski Marathon, ski mountaineering race at night, traveling and arrive right in the Centre of Arabba. The competition, now in its 22 Edition, plan a route with a length of 42 kilometers and an elevation gain of about 2800 meters: the 18th century couples from all over Europe in what all define as an exciting event. The departure is scheduled for 18.00 and the athletes will face four legendary mountain passes: Pordoi, Saddle, Gardena, Campolongo, before falling back to Arabba, where is the finish line.

by 12 March 2017 Ski mountaineering news


SKIALPDEPARCHI-LASPORTIVA-SKITRAB : Took place Sunday 26 February in Castel del Monte (AQ) the first Monte Camicia Backcountry.

by 27 February 2017 Ski mountaineering news
Scialpinismo : Medaglia d’oro a Damiano Lenzi

Scialpinismo : Gold Medal to Damiano Lenzi

Damiano Lenzi is world champion in ski-mountaineering. The Anzasca Valley athlete won the race to Alpago Piancavallo. Lal won in the sprinting Kilian Burgada, Spanish and who along with him was the favorite of Eve. Burgada wins the silver medal. The bronze medal went to German Anton Palzer. Damiano left immediately strong going aloft to the first inventory, then he went on paired with Burgada who beat in the final meters of the competition.

by 25 February 2017 Ski mountaineering news


Took place yesterday in San Martino d'Ocre (AQ) the 6° Mount Ocre Snow Event, fourth round of "SKIALPDEIPARCHI LA SPORTIVA SKITRAB".

by 21 February 2017 Ski mountaineering news
Al via il Mondiale italiano di sci-alpinismo di Alpago-Piancavallo. ….i convocati azzurri

The World Cup ski-alpinism Italian Alpago-Piancavallo. ….the blue squad

It will be all Italian global 2017 Ski tours, hosted in Alpago-Piancavallo, Thanks to a very interesting collaboration between the regions of Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia, from 23 February to 2 March upcoming.
Freedom of skialper is perfectly represented in the philosophy that inspires this world and that clear regional borders, in the name of sport. A deserved recognition for the organisers of the historic Transcavallo, held just over the mountains from 33 year old.

by 21 February 2017 Ski mountaineering news
Snow Leopard Day 2017 – tappe e regolamento.

Snow Leopard Day 2017 – tappe e regolamento.

Dynafit, reference brand for ski touring, proudly supports the Snow Leopard Trust 2017, the most important and historical association that strives daily to study the Snow Leopard and its habitat protection, constantly reducing and under constant attack by man.

by 19 February 2017 Ski mountaineering news
Scale di difficoltà dello Scialpinismo : facciamo chiarezza !

Tandems of Scialpinismo : We make clarity !

The problem of classification of difficulty of the ski touring has distant origins and has always aroused misgivings in the winter mountains, Unlike mountain climbing, in ski mountaineering is certainly more difficult to draw up an objective rating system. The factors that affect many, as the temperature, the quality and quantity of snow. For these reasons, you hear of "stairs" to fix and not a single unique scale. The full scale is the scale FLIGHT.

by 19 February 2017 Scialpinismo
Calendario gare di Scialpinismo 2017

Ski mountaineering race calendar 2017

10 stages for the calendar 2017 skiing that vdrà also in Turkey skialp athletes involved

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Scialpinismo 2017 : Scarpa sarà sponsor della Transcavallo

Scialpinismo 2017 : Shoe will be sponsoring the Transcavallo

Shoe sponsor of the Transcavallo 2017 the competition of ski mountaineering classic watch, on the eve of the World Cup alpine skiing in Alpago Piancavallo. In the race Saturday 18 February in the mountains of the Alpago also Matteo Eydallin.

by 17 February 2017 Ski mountaineering news


Live Your Mountain, LA SPORTIVA and SKITRAB are pleased to present the fourth edition of SkialpDeiParchi, the circuit organisers skialp fuller after "Dolomites under the stars" with which it is twinned.

by 22 November 2016 Ski mountaineering news
Festa di C.A.M.P. per Michele Boscacci

C.A.M. party P. for Michele Boscacci

All such Albosaggia to celebrate Michael Boscacci: friends, fans, fans, sponsor and also a lot of child. Hundreds of people last night they would not miss the "Miki Festival", arranged to close in style a season that Michael was really suitable for framing

Scialpinismo : LA SPORTIVA EPIC SKI TOUR 2017 4ALL

Scialpinismo : LA SPORTIVA EPIC SKI TOUR 2017 4ALL

La Sportiva EPIC Ski Tour will not only be a competitive event, but a big happening. Next weekend will be held in the finale of the Tour de Ski, with focus on Palafiemme of Cavalese where desks will be set up for tender, the "village" and all related activities.

Four days of ski touring in Trentino, in Val di Fiemme and Fassa Valley, with three races before the 13 at 15 January 2017.

Come scegliere gli sci da Scialpinismo

How to choose ski mountaineering skis

You're wondering how to choose ski mountaineering skis ? that's why we have prepared this guide which will make clarity on how to choose the size of ski for skialp. Ski mountaineering skis are chosen based on the tradeoff between size and weight and differentiate between high level and of course ski skiing for beginners.

by 28 February 2016 Scialpinismo
La Grande Course : Eydallin-Lenzi a segno nella prima tappa

La Grande Course : Eydallin-Lenzi scored in the first leg

La Grande Course sees Italy dominate in ski mountaineering. Matteo Eydallin and Damiano Lenzi wins the first stage !

by 28 February 2016 Ski mountaineering news
Damiano Lenzi (à gauche) et Matteo Eydallin, 2e place de la 28e Pierra Menta.

Skitouring Open Altitoy Ternua : Third/eydallin/Lenzi seconds and Boscacci Antonioli – Valmassoi/Talley third among women

Great show given by the touring Blues in Open Altitoy Ternua

by 28 February 2016 Ski mountaineering news
Coppa del Mondo di Scialpinismo : Antonioli e De Silvestro a segno nella TRANSCAVALLO

Ski mountaineering World Cup : Antonioli and Dam to mark in the TRANSCAVALLO

Robert Antonioli and Alba De Silvestro conquer the podium in sprint skialp TRANSCAVALLO

by 22 February 2016 Ski mountaineering news
Le regole dello SCIALPISTISTA


Fun during the ascent, with a "special consideration" under the right rules of safety on the slopes.

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