Ski Test : material evidence, Test and new skis

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Ski test of the best and most famous brands of skis. The tests are conducted in collaboration with the best ski schools in the Alps and the Apennines and the shop Ornello Sport during the Ski Test PMC. Made independently by ski instructors, agonists or former racers able to evaluate the differences between the skis tested.
In various stages of Ski Test of Pool Sci Italy, participates trying the range of skis available.
The Ski Test are independent and not sponsored.

Ski test Atomic, Blizzard, Dynastar, Fischer, Head, Nordica, Rossignol, Solomon, Völkl

Ski Test 2017 Bottero Ski : Alpetta 2, Grand Alpetta, Gorba ed Elite …

Ski Test 2017 Bottero Ski : Alpetta 2, Grand Alpetta, Gorba and Elite …

The Ski Test 2017 Bottero Ski Ski models, took place in Valfrejus among 2700 ed i 2200 meters in the district “Domaine Skiable de Valfrejus”.

Ski Test 2017 : Bottero Ski ALPETTA 2, polivalente e divertente…!!!

Ski Test 2017 : Bottero Ski ALPETTA 2, versatile and fun…!!!

The Sci ALPETTA 2 by Bottero Ski Ski responsive and versatile, funny and accurate, You can consider an appropriate for high-level skiers who can employ is to narrow in broad turns cirve.

Ski Test 2017 : Bottero Ski ELITE, eleganti e potenti…!!!

Ski Test 2017 : Bottero Ski ELITE, elegant and powerful…!!!

Bottero Ski ELITE skiing is an elegant, high-performance, powerful and precise, You can consider a polyvalent skis suitable for high level skiers. Lightweight and fun not fatigues skier during a busy day of skiing.

Ski Test 2017 : Bottero Ski GRAND ALPETTA, due binari…!!!

Ski Test 2017 : Bottero Ski GRAND ALPETTA, two Rails…!!!

Skiing GRAND ALPETTA of Bottero Ski is a wooden core FIS Ski, reinforced with fibreglass, very stiff but responsive, suitable for racing in giant slalom. Veloce e semplice nell’entrata in curva e preciso in uscita. Suitable for high level skiers.

Ski Test 2017 : Bottero Ski GORBA, reattivo e dinamico.

Ski Test 2017 : Bottero Ski GORBA, responsive and dynamic.

Bottero Ski Ski Ski GORBA of wooden core is one, Triaxial glass fibre reinforced, dynamic and stable suited to tight corners. In the SKi Test in Valfrejus proved suitable for high level skiers.

Ski Test Fischer 2017 con Mercedes Benz @ FISCHER 4MATIC TOUR !

Ski Test Fischer 2017 with Mercedes Benz @ FISCHER 4MATIC TOUR !

FISCHER 4MATIC TOUR, Fischer Ski Test 2017 in collaboration with Mercedes Benz, in December a travelling tour that sees the two leading brands in the world of skiing and in the automobile market, animate 26 appointments in the alpine and Apennine mountains destinations. The FISCHER 4MATIC TOUR by Mercedes-Benz represents an extraordinary opportunity to experience firsthand how the two companies have carried their expertise in the world of competitive edge, into products accessible to an audience attentive and prepared.

Fischer THE CURV impressioni e SKI TEST 2017 [VIDEO]

Fischer THE CURV impressions and SKI TEST 2017 [VIDEO]

Ski Test Fischer 2017 for model THE CURV with impressions of the new Fischer ski.

Sci Head 2017 Donna : performance al femminile !

Sci Head 2017 Woman : performance-female !

Head ski he thought a line of products for women 2017 they are, however, highly performing.

Sci Head Freeride 2017 per l’All mountain in avventura e divertimento

Head Ski Freeride 2017 for All mountain ’ in adventure and fun

A look into the products Head 2017 designed for freeriding that are nothing new, but a stable segment in the production Head.

Attacchi Head 2017 performance in sicurezza con Freeflex EVO Tyrolia-Head

Head Attacks 2017 performance in safety with Freeflex EVO Tyrolia-Head

The attacks are often underestimated we discover this important safety-related segment.

Head Supershape 2016-2017 irace – imagnum – irally

Head Supershape 2016-2017 Irace – imagnum – irally

Supershape ski family Head designed for those who want to high performance skiing for the day '. In this episode, Stephen presents us with the Speed.


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