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Masters collection sticks 2018 / 2019

These are the new Masters presented by ISPO 2018. With over 40 years of experience, Masters offers products suitable to each individual user: in a continued commitment to research and design, innovation, extreme attention to detail, quality control and italianità in every phase of work. So the collection F/W 2018- 2019 expresses the essence of Masters, Company 100% Italian sticks founded by Renato Zaltron in 1977.

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Masters is attentive to the environmental impact of its products and the company, because he firmly believes that the outdoor product must respect the environment: by definition, chopsticks are used in mountain trails, in country walks, in slopes and out mail that is nature that is the host; the more it is respected and more has to offer. Attention for paints, for materials and electricity consumption were created from this. The company had already started to use components that comply with the Reach regulations with their mandatory and installed the photovoltaic plant in may 2011, allowing it to use up energy to cover the working process and production.


The most interesting news of the new winter collection of Masters!This model is made with excellent carbon tubes 100% matte finish 3 k to appreciate the balance and lightness while using, but its uniqueness compared to the previous St Carbon is the same tube diameter: Ø10 mm attractive linearity and elegance.

The knob Hawk in comfortable EVA has been revisited in a new black version to embellish the image of St model Carbon Light, as well as handrails Comfort – even more richly detailed, maintaining its handling and internal control system. For the best grip on snowy and icy ground, support with tungsten tip and soft threaded wheel Gryphon in black and white version to complete the matching with the colors of the graphics: lighting and technical.


Elite Light joins the Winter collection 2018/19 to emphasize the company's commitment to propose details shared with the needs of athletes and fans. Here's what the diameter reduced to 12 mm of resistant aluminum alloy 7075 (Elite model compared with ø16mm) makes this stick is a very practical and refined, Thanks to Matt black paint finish.

The Rotary design Rapax is complete with a firm and comfortable grip handrails Mst Race. Support with steel toe cap and threaded wheel white/black version Gryphon complete the image of the model offered in sizes from 105 cm to 135 cm.


Color on the slopes!
The model Speedwall, one of the most revered in the previous collection, is back with a new look: the white coating of the aluminum alloy tube 5083 in ø 18 mm and screen printing in charcoal grey and green make it nice and cool to meet the satisfaction of skiers.

Our knob Rapax, a knob with aggressive design and ergonomic handle is assembled with the handrails Mr2, why safety into the socket and aesthetic value are not left to chance. Support with steel toe cap and threaded wheel white/black version Gryphon complete model Speedwall White, available from size 105 cm up to 135 cm.

SPECIAL SERIES – LINE JUKO ® – GEO geo Black and White





The Special Series – started with the SS2018 collection – is enriched by the line Juko ®, introduced to winter models only: to emphasize the 40 years in spreading the quality and service that characterize Masters in the world, We dedicate the GEO template to those who share our values and our being, doing exactly part of the "family" Masters ". Nations, many, forming a world of relationships, of friendships, of Union and growth. The name was chosen with the participation of our current distributors, just thinking about the widespread distribution in the world. The tubing of durable aluminum alloy 7075 in ø 14 mm is painted in two colours: Black metallic and opaque white to contrast with the colors of screen printing; White/fluo yellow in the first version and black/red in the second. Very technical and modern in model Geo Black and defined and elegant in the model Geo White. Available from size 105 cm the measurement 135 cm. The knob Rapax with gloves-click to the quick release, support with tungsten toe cap and threaded wheel Gryphon in version black/white give these models the intrinsic importance of the model: quality details for better rendering request by skiers who are looking for the product with which stand out on the slopes !

Here are some of the patented systems from MASTERS to make unique your poles for the outdoors, by mooooon_07, the ski mountaineering trekking.


The comfortable and snug glove comes with a clip made the best DuPont ® plastic to withstand extreme weather conditions and assure a good performance. The clip fits easily in Gryphon dedicated knob, ssandosi with resistance. Only the pressure of the thumb on top of the knob will release the stick to free space-hand glove.

The comfortable and enveloping glove is equipped with a clip made with the best DuPont ® plastic to resist to extreme weather conditions and ensures always good performances. The clip ts easily in Gryphon dedicated grip and it fasten strongly. Only the pressure of the thumb on the top of the grip will release the glove and let the hand free from the stick


Il passamano, utilizzando un sistema brevettato unico nel suo genere, garantisce la massima sicurezza e un’ottima prestazione. Il passamano è facile da regolare e semplice da ssare nella corretta e più confortevole posizione. In addition, in caso di caduta, il passamano si sgancia automaticamente liberando la mano ed evitando così possibili traumi ai polsi.

By using a unique patented Automatic Stop mechanism, this strap ensures safety and great performances. The automatic strap is simple to adjust and easy to lock in the correct and most comfortable position. Furthermore, in case of falls, the strap automatically unlocks freeing the hand and avoiding possible injuries to the wrist.


The closure system Clamper allows a quick and easy adjustment without the use of tools, but only by turning the wheel with your fingers.
This external system is very lightweight, thanks to the compact and thin shape of the lever; Available in different colors to match that sticks to gra.

Clamper system allows users to adjust pole length quickly and simply without tools, only screwing the cog with ngers. The external system is really lightweight, thanks to a compact and slim shape; available in different colors to match with the design of the poles.


Il sistema brevettato Replacement Basket System RBS permette di sostituire la rotella più adatta al terreno su cui ci si avventura in maniera semplice e veloce: quella da ø 55mm per neve ghiacciata e sentieri sassosi, quelle da ø 95mm e ø 120mm per la neve fresca.
Le plastiche speciali utilizzate nella produzione delle nostre rotelle garantiscono durabilità ed ef cienza con qualsiasi condizione atmosferica.

The patented Replacement Basket System RBS enables the user to x easily and quickly the most suitable basket during trails: basket ø 55mm for frozen snow and stony trekking, baskets ø 95mm and ø 120mm for powder snow.
The special materials used to produce our baskets guarantee durability and ef ciency in all atmospheric conditions.

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