Materials for ski and snowboard

Sci Salomon 2020-2021 : All the news and not just RACE !

Sci Salomon 2021, presented in austria's new Salomon home for the season 2020-2021 both race models for runway models from the most commonly used.

Several news Salomon 2021 presented in Austria. The modeii IRACE Salomon 2021 skis are ultra-performance track, designed to have the maximum fluidity between a curve and the other of the laminae and excellent adhesion on hard snow. They are skis designed for users who want to tackle Alpine ski races, but they are also suitable for those who like to engage in the hard snow of early morning to draw fast corners.

The structure is made with wooden core lightened by race, race base, two titanium layers to ensure the maximum torsional stiffness and sandwich structure with sidewall entire length, for stability and power at high speeds.

The ski-plate combination transmits the 100% energy from feet to the edges, for ensuring optimal aderanza booby snow. The construction with ABS sidewalls, combined with the angle of the blades of the typical racing skis, It has been designed to consentere in incisors curve inputs, direct and precise.


Images by ORNELLO SPORT Buttonhole (MN) Technical partner

by Team di 19 January 2020