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La Sportiva Stratos V : the boot mountaineering Race lighter

The boot mountaineering Race lighter and technology available on the market

La Sportiva Stratos V 2020 It is part of the fifth generation of scarponi full-carbon. This is the the most famous of the Race category for ski mountaineering and was developed in collaboration with the World Champion Michele Boscacci.

The innovative liner allows you to customize the fit using the unique Pillow-Tech: an inflatable air bearing which allows to adjust the liner volumes inside the hull.

The innovative CavoBike Stratos lever allows to totally decouple the gambit from the hull avoiding any impediment in Walk mode. Geometries and lamination of carbon hull and cuff are designed to minimize weight and volumes: the new tapered shape thus obtained is extremely compact, direct and precise on skiing, allowing maximum control of the movements and a perfect transmission power. Reinforcing rib and couplings made of bullet-proof material shatterproof reduce vibration of the hull to a minimum for a skiing extremely performant. The super-compact construction of the Heel Spur Construction ™ heel gives more resistance and leaving the heel free to compatibility with all types of crampons. The attack rear coupling system made of polymeric material in the characteristic red coloration, It protects the hull from impacts during walking.

carbon fiber hull with reinforcements in bullet-proof shatterproof material and reinforcing ribs
Stratos V Liner
Compatible with tech attacks
Weight (gr)

Our opinion :

The boot mountaineering La Sportiva Stratos V is a top model suitable for those who practice this winter sport in a competitive way. Give unique sensations thanks to its lightness and stiffness derived from the carbon fiber used for the construction of the hull.

It is not addressed to amateurs or professional excursions not inquanto, own its lightness ,ovvimente that make it excellent in the rising phase, go to penalize the less experienced skiers in the down ride phases.


Update January 21, 2020 RITIIRO FACTORY :

La Sportiva wishes to inform its customers that, After some reports received by the market, we believe appropriate to extraordinary technical inspection of Stratos V model, in order to ensure their safety during use by consumers. We therefore ask our customers to return the product to the store where you buy it and then send it to La Sportiva Spa for inspection. La Sportiva will perform the technical controls needed as soon as possible and return the product to the store once the safety demonstrated in the use. All shipping charges will be borne by La Sportiva Spa. La Sportiva apologizes for the inconvenience caused to our customers.


by Team di 17 January 2020