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Ski Week in the Apennines

Ski Week in the Apennines with a stay in the best hotels, Selected for you, in collaboration with Booking.com, the best deals online for skiing in the Apennines.

We selected, in collaboration with Booking.com, the best hotels and hotels of the following places in the Apennines :

Apennines Hotels

Cerreto Laghi Hotel
Monte Cimone – Sestola Hotel
Abetone Hotel
Alle Scale Hotel Horn
Ovindoli Hotel
Roccaraso Hotel
Pescasseroli Hotel

In the Apennines you can find many locations in which to spend the week or Holiday on the Snow White Hotels in rich comforts.

The Apennine mountains formed Northern Apennines, the Tosco Emiliano, the Central Apennines, Abbruzzese the Apennines and the Southern Apennines. The highest mountains of the Apennines and famous are : Monte Maggiorasca (1.804 m) ; Monte Cimone (2.165 m) ; Monte Falco (1.658 m) ; Mount Carrier (2.476 m) ; Greater Horn (2.912 m) ; Monte Miletto (2.050 m) ; Cervialto (1.809 m) ; Sierra Dolcedorme (2.267 m) ; Montalto (Aspromonte) (1.955 m) ; Pizzo Carbonara (1979 m)

The most famous places to spend the week Bianca : Abetone, Sestola, Cerreto Laghi, Horn Alle Scale, OVINDOLI …..

In these places you can find great hotels for a holiday on the snow.

In addition, the ski areas, selected locations, have several km of slopes where you can ski and snowboard. The downhill slopes finest, part of the ski resorts of the Apennines, are found to Abetone and Cimone (Sestola)


by Maurizio Del Grosso 6 September 2014