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Saint-Rhémy-en-Bosses : EPIC Ski Tour 4All, from 14 at 16 February 2020

Second stage of EPIC Ski Tour 2020 Valle D'Aosta from 14 at 16 February Paths spectacular in the realm of ski mountaineering: Valle d'Aosta

EPIC Ski Tour 2020 in Valle d’Aosta disegnerà le prossime traiettorie dello skialp tra Svizzera, Valle d'Aosta and Trentino will take place from 14 at 16 February in Valle del Gran San Bernardo, and it will be a partner of another historic event valdostano, he Tour Rutor: The format of EPIC Ski Tour in Valle d'Aosta will develop along a path of about 18 km with 1600 vertical metres, with three trim changes and a ridge portion on foot, sul Mont Flassin (2770 meters), to deal with possibly with crampons according to conditions of the ridge.

The route starts at 1300 meters where there is cross-country track. The first stretch is flat on track, and then you begin to rise. The first ascent is about 1100 meters, It follows a descent of 200 meters, then again a rising portion of 200 meters on skis. After you take off your skis to cross the ridge, which also includes a downhill stretch, always walk. They remit skis and go along the descent until the arrival, which corresponds to the starting point of the race.


by Team di 21 January 2020