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Trofeo MEZZALAMA 2020 : Ski touring in the history

Mezzalama 2020 : Making piste both uphill and downhill, face over the mountains 4000 meters, here is ski touring in the Valle D'Aosta, here is the trophy Mezzalama, from 1933 climbers challenge themselves with the true mountain confrondandosi !

The Mezzalama Trophy is the most classic race ski mountaineering, because it is born in 1933, at a time when there were the first ski resorts and the first ski lifts, but the Trofeo Mezzalama has remained faithful to the authentic ski-adventure of the pioneers who then as now faces the high mountains without any mechanical help, the true backcountry both uphill, both downhill. It was always a race-event being evidence of ski mountaineering highest in the Alps because it exceeds the summit of Castor (m 4226) and the Passo del Naso dei Lyskamm (m 4150).

The race is named after the Turin Ottorino Mezzalama who after World War I practiced intense exploration activity that led him to test a large high-road the Alps, from the Ligurian Alps at the Brenner. When the Mezzalama 23 February 1931 He fell victim to an avalanche near Sterzing, among friends Turin Cai, the Ski Club Torino and the Academic Alpine Club flashed the idea to remember and hand down the passion with an international competition in the high mountains, unprecedented commitment to sport, open to three elements cordate: Trophy Mezzalama.

From 1933 at 1938 They fought over the first six consecutive editions that tested it on boldly traced mountaineering for its time. Then he departed from the Theodule Colle (m 3300) to reach the finish line at Alpe Gabiet (m 2400), passing through the summit of Castor and the Passo del Naso. After three decades of failure, the legendary, Mezzalama unforgettable reborn initiative of Gressonard Romano Cugnetto. From 1971 at 1978 They are held four editions, in which it follows the same path thirties. They win more military teams, Alpine and forest. The issue of 1975 counts as 1 of the ski mountaineering world championship. In 1981 bad weather messes up any attempt to start a new edition, as long as the organizers were forced to surrender.

With the spread of sports skitouring, It has also risen Mezzalama thanks to a foundation supported by the Regione Autonoma Valle d'Aosta which organizes the race every two years. Despite the weather and big organizational burdens whims, with the impressive team of guides, ski instructors, military and volunteers direct from Champoluc guide Adriano Favre, modern race was held regularly from 1997 in odd years for six editions.

Today the old Mezzalama remain teams of three elements roped, but the path is very elongated in the head and tail: departure is placed at the bottom of the slopes Cervinia (m 2020) and the finish line at Gressoney La Trinité (m 1637).

From 2001 Regulation has banned cross-country skis, favored by military teams, requiring all fat skis adopted in international competitions of ski mountaineering.

by Team di 23 January 2020