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Gymnastics presciistica : exercises at home for a good workout – FULL VIDEO

Gymnastics presciistica home : The ski season is coming ....? in November the large ski (Cervinia, Stubai, Bormio 3000 Val Senales) will kick off the ski lifts and allow you to go skiing and snowboarding on the slopes. We start training exercises and presciistica ! Video of the champion Joan Lecis that introduces us to a new fitness class dedicated to presciistica ...

After months of inactivity sports many skiers or snowboarders return to think of winter sports, eager to get back on the snow, before returning with ski or board foot is good but perform a period of gymnastics presciistica…

The following sports information are not to be considered for skiing or snowboarding at a competitive level.

Remember, however, that there is skiing snowboarding although with different movements of the body, call for our muscles and our joints. A good workout and gymnastics presciistica can prevent injuries due to falls or muscle strains.

The knee is the joint most stressed and must be protected from the musculature (I tonificat to) leg and thigh, as the quadriceps and hamstrings (anterior thigh muscles) trained.

The presciistica should be started at least one month before you start skiing (to keep in mind for the winter holiday).

The solutions are always more than one, in practice, you can enroll in a course of free exercises in the gym or if you are fairly certain you can do the exercises at home :

What exercises to practice to get ready to ski or snowboard at home ?


For the quads are recommended :

– squats: fall and get up by bending your knees and keeping your legs open
– lunges: carry on one leg, leaning on the other.

For the hamstrings and glutes:

– deadlift: the back with his face toward the wall alternately raise the left leg and right back.


– Step : climb on a step with your feet together and lower your heels to the maximum, repeat returning to the starting position.


– standing next to the wall for a few seconds to raise the leg opposite to the wall.

In general physical activity will help complete the athletic final, unless you want to subscribe to the gym you can do the exercises proposed above at home, alternating with running or swimming exercises isotonic.

Skiing and snowboarding are activities that require technical but also muscle power, to be practiced in a complete, what to recommend :


But also ....


The first ski opening each year: Cervinia, Stubai, Bormio 3000 and Val Senales ............ Fun !

1 – VIDEO GYMNASTICS presciistica (Warm Up)

2 – VIDEO GYMNASTICS presciistica (oblique abdominal and adductor)

3 – VIDEO GYMNASTICS presciistica (fitness)

4 – VIDEO GYMNASTICS presciistica (fitness)

5 – VIDEO GYMNASTICS presciistica (abdomen and buttocks)

6 – VIDEO GYMNASTICS presciistica (stretching)

by Maurizio Del Grosso 6 September 2014