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Courses and videos to improve your skiing technique in free field and race. By Saba, Director of JAM SESSIONS SKI ACADEMY : the ski school can teach you from scratch to skiing, or they can improve performance up to the Top.

Corso di sci Check Point 2017 : PUNTO DI PARTENZA, punto di partenza

Ski course Check Point 2017 : STARTING POINT, starting point

The ski course 2017 the Jam Session presents a revolutionary idea…..the movement part all by foot !!!

by 16 January 2017 Ski Technique
Corso di sci Check Point Jam Session – NEVE FRESCA

Corso di sci Check Point Jam Session – NEVE FRESCA


by 5 January 2017 Ski Technique
CORSO DI SCI ALPINO : Check Point n°3 : i tuoi Focus

DOWNHILL SKIING : Check Point # 3 : your Focus

Last summer at 2 Alpes and this fall in Stubai, in Jam Session we had an exceptional contributor who will be with us even in the events of early winter: is Claudio Ravetto! From a life in the F.i.s.e.. and for twelve years before coach, then Technical Director of the national alpine ski teams, with an incredible array of podiums and victories during his tenure.

by 7 February 2016 Ski Technique
Check Point Jam Session : Curva Nike

Check Point Jam Session : Nike Curve

Cute name which gives a good idea of the change curve, during the Alpine skiing.

by 27 January 2016 Ski Technique
Jam Session Ski Tour Italia 2016

Italy Ski Tour Jam Session 2016

Calendar and event dates Jam Session 2016, Alpine ski courses intensive courses, with the most prestigious team, become closer to you !

by 27 January 2016 Ski Technique
CORSO DI SCI ALPINO : Check Point n°2 : Verso l’inverno

DOWNHILL SKIING : Check Point # 2 : To ’ winter

The uniform leave behind a splendid summer JAm SESSION Ssi on the glacier of Les Deux Alpes for priettarsi towards the winter 2016…..
During this winter will be many articles in which we explain the secrets of JAM technique in alpine skiing.

by 12 December 2015 Ski Technique
CORSO DI SCI ALPINO : Check Point n°1 : Più interno, meno esterno…

DOWNHILL SKIING : Check Point # 1 : More inside, less outside…

Check Point Jam Session : study of skiing techniques. MORE INTERNAL AND LESS OUTSIDE – We're not talking about loads, but the need for greater mobility of the foot inside the curve in search of the edge, avoiding that the gearhouse remains sluggish, passive and flat with that obnoxious bicycle kick inside ski.

by 14 November 2015 Ski Technique


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