Test Boots Skiing

Test of the best ski boots. Ski boots racing and coaches. Tests for ski boots made by qualified personnel accustomed to wearing boots of every brand and every level; able to assess differences, strengths and weaknesses of ski boots.
Independent tests and self; Reviews unsponsored.

Scarponi Head Vector 2017

Ski Boots Head Vector 2017

Most comfortable Raptor family, but always with high performances, boots Vector meet the needs of those who want a high performance without sacrificing comfort shoe.

by 1 June 2016 Test Boots Skiing
Scarponi Head Raptor 2017

Ski Boots Head Raptor 2017

As regards the boots in the Raptor family there have been changes. The initials RS and RD indicate the widths of the plant.

by 1 June 2016 Test Boots Skiing


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