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Soelden 2014 : the program of the opening of the CDM Alpine Skiing

Opening of the Soelden 25 and 26 October, confirmed the opening of the World Cup Alpine skiing in Soelden. The little snow does not stop the Austrians.

The inspection of FIS confirms the giants of’Opening of the Soelden 25 and 26 October. The scarcity of snow rarely stopped organizers Austrians who keep very much to the program of the opening of the regular season of alpine skiing. The hours of the women's race next Saturday are always the same: 9.30 for the first run and 12.45 for the second.

Friday 24, The program begins with the Forum organized by the FIS Alpine at the Freizeit Arena. And’ the time when the President of FIS, Gianfranco Kasper reports on the state of the art and launches the coming season. The forum starts at 13. All 18.30, in the center of the country, the bib draw for the women's race.
Saturdays, in addition to the race of women, is scheduled for the parade Fan Club, starting from 17, while the bib draw for men is programmed for 18.45.
Sunday morning, all the Rettenbach for the race of men, with the first race ever 9.30 and the second 12.45


by Team di 19 October 2014