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Ski Test 2018 : Atomic X9

Atomic X9, renovated in structure than the old XT , a more harmonious and funny than its predecessor that was more aggressive and dynamic.

Sampled during TEST PMC February 2017, organized by Ornello Sport Asola (MN) Premium users store, who have expressed opinions differ but overall the performance of this ski, Maybe some a little’ melancholy of the old XT.

Here are the comments of users :

Atomic X9 181
Big news of the season 2017/2018 (D2 out, Servotech in), is the deemed lucky XT (in fact available even to the extent 175). The structure of derivation FIS always feels and skiing is stable and secure but at the same time fun and responsive, without ever overdoing it in no reaction. Even at low speed skiing fits well in bend, without hesitation. No problem then vary the RADIUS, as long as you know load fine skiing (always pleasant and progressive deformation). The estate on hard is great, natural, and gives the skier safety. A beautiful and virtually flawless!

Atomic X9 175
But here we ... forget about the old XT, What do you shoot from one curve to another, This looks like the grandfather tired of your XT, everything is in slow motion and nothing exciting. I really liked.

Atomic X9 175
Those who have in mind the old Xt, especially in the first version, the war machine that came directly from the parallel World Cup races, probably will be disappointed by this new X 9, While those on the Xt is not ascended, easily if you fall in love. Already, because this is a beautiful allround top level, with a Sidecut between GS and SL, but it is an “normal”, I like his younger brothers the usability specialist is its strong point. If the Xt was grouchy, but objectively exciting, the X 9 is harmonious and funny and, like the other models in the new series 9, the snow behaves perfectly, inbound response curve and intuitive from the slalom race carve that, is the perfect ski to alternate RADIUS curves, with tempo changes and different speeds. It is the perfect tool for anyone who wants a ski for doing everything and more, to go for a walk and get eight hours relaxing in the snow, but when you press the gas immediately responds ...
... but never gives you that adrenaline rush that gave you the ancestor "bad" Xt.

Atom X 9 181
Unlike the short brother, This seems to be a ski with brio, revitalized, If you have a nice dynamic skiing from a lot of satisfaction, approaching a GS in some ways rather than a multi-radius as was the old XT, but it's definitely a great skiing. Entering is easy, and outbound good spirited (forget, the exit of the "real" XT ...)

Atomic Redster X 9 181 R16 .2
I am owner of the latest XT 182, of whom I am madly in love with last year and with which I am by God.
Peter Atomic told me that skiing has changed in structure and technology (Servotech) and put me on a morbid curiosity.
I tried and tried, on all slopes, out of all the arches, at low speed, medium high. What about… Perfect! Same agility of my XT, same fun. But with even more strength and stability, even in extreme situations. On the terrible wall of Holzriese II made me feel like a King. Safe, progressive, attached to the slope, Agile. I enjoyed it as a child at rides. And did I also hear more “Bravo” than it really is skiing. And I don't think it's any suggestion. It is precisely the goodness of skiing that has made my life easier.
Definitely would buy it to tile my fido Dynastar Course Pro 184 R20, But having now the XT still cool a few months, I would say that is not the case…

Ornello Sport

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Reactivity HIGH X LOW
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by Team di 21 February 2017