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Big news at home Rossignol for the season 2018/19. The French House if he just updated the master with a new plate that accentuates even more the sporty character, has virtually remade its flagship model, the HERO LT TI.

Sampled during TEST PMC February 2018, organized by Ornello Sport Asola (MN) Premium users store.

Here are the comments of users :

Speed Master 18 (175) (Tester : thefabius)Usually skiing, updated plate (but attack, This year Valenzuela, always jerks!). For reasons related to the boot sole I took the Dynastar twin instead of the Rossignol, but skiing is strictly identical. It remains one of the top products on the market, It has a very high stability and is also suitable for different radii. Turn initiation not too complex (honestly I don't know if it was the rocker or not), requires from her that skiers have the ability to deform: at that point there are (almost) limits and allows to do it all. Always beautiful !Elite Hero 18 (177) (Tester : thefabius)
Renewed GS store transalpina, It is really a nice product: easy to carry, incoming curve helps and supports for learning, without hesitation. Manoeuvrable, also valid at short range, doesn't seem to tire. Excellent vibration damping, its limit emerges only with heavy loads on hard snow (If you would like to return to the M18 first). If the legacy of the previous Hero (a best seller) is pesantina, I think it's equipped to be the worthy successor: recommended to all skiers good and excellent.

Dynastar M18 (Tester : Petrus)
Let me start by saying that the M18 is one of the main reasons I have taken part in PMC. Skis Rossignol I have always been very congenial and wanted to try the Master line in anticipation of a potential purchase. I took the Dynastar 'cause the Rossignol was out, Master line skis are identical, only changes the screen printing (other skis have differences).
I tried skiing on the track Drei Zinnen when the surface layer had already split and had created several piles of powdery snow rather hard slabs alternating. The snow conditions were not ideal for this type of skiing, I enjoyed taking on hard especially spatula.
He seemed very unstable between the humps, coming from the slab with the ski edge entering the handsome bunch and immediately takes the spatula with a tendency to close more, then climbed over the pile back on the original trajectory. The result is a rocking motion of the outside ski not very pleasant. I parked a little puzzled. The next day, with the right track, Another music.Rossignol M21 (Tester : Petrus)
Even here the track now blighted so less than ideal conditions for this type of skiing. Anyway the combination of structure and length make it very stable even in piles, In contrast to the M18 this enters the humps and sega in half without much trouble.
I couldn't push it too much but I liked it, remains easy and intuitive, but very stable.

Rossignol Hero LT TI 177 (Tester : rnt1)
As usual Rossignol had almost nothing she could try with my measure of boots, much less in Master. I was hoping for something good from the renewal of LT, but frankly I was told very little. For charity is certainly not a bad skiing, but I confirm past feelings of “nothing special”.

Rossignol Master 18 175 (Tester : Renntiger)
Every year I take it and I'm doing a few rounds, and every year it makes me wonder how centered this ski. I don't know if you can compare with other models of intermediate range "master", as the X 9 racing etc., because the 18, While it is more "slalomeggiante" than his siblings longer, He's still a top radius of three meters over its potential competitors, but mostly it keeps more from FIS. It is cross-bows for excellence, runs a lot, but it requires a decent effort to make it run, You must upload well the spatula and squash as it should, and then he pays off, as it has always done, with a reply to say the least exciting. I can't tell if the new plate has changed significantly the performance, in order to do that you should get off the old model and get on again, but for sure I can say it was a great skiing, Although more challenging than a regular ski "shop".

Rossignol Master 21 180 (Tester : Renntiger)
It's another of my favorite ski. Instead this time I found myself at ease. Since the first curve couldn't get it to turn, I tried all, I tried to upload the spatula, nothing, I tried to ease the pressure, nothing, I tried to fly it with the feet, a little better, but of little, I just couldn't bring it into curve. I made a second runway, thinking maybe I should pick up a little the feeling with a giant right after skiing for most of the test with lower cross beam (I just got off the X 9), but there was no way ... I'm not really managed to get it to go where I wanted, so much so that I went down slowly, do not hide with a good dose of fear, and I returned again to Rossignol, making me deliver the new LT TI. A preparation too aggressive for the track conditions? MAH ... even Caesar, who had preceded him in the test and I had succumbed, you are not getting at home and as I experienced an extreme difficulty in spin ... For sure this time I cannot express an opinion, so I plan to retry it in other circumstances.

Rossignol Hero LT TI 177 (Tester : Renntiger)
You read that right, It is not an error, the fit is right 177 It is no longer 176 as in the previous version. Already because of the old LT YOU this new model keeps very little, the Red of screen printing, the graphics that recalls the old model and little else. As in the past, the new skiing is offered in two versions, with normal plate and plate racing. I did give the standard model, which I think should be the most sold. Descending from the master, that weighs a ton, you feel pleasantly light, but not terribly from insospettirti on the premises; start official asked him and you realize how easy it is to bring into the curve, make a coil and he does it with sweetness, increase speed and responds well, begin to push and makes sense, always predictable, never challenging, Although it gives the impression of having so much available.
When you go to replace a real best seller as it has been for years the Hero LT TI, you risk getting a lot, but on this occasion I think I can say that the goal has been fully achieved. This new LT is a great race carve giant, I am convinced as the predecessor will have a huge success, Why is sincere in responses, never hard, suitable for both still needs to improve his technical background, both, Despite being endowed with a great technique, but maybe not a proper athletic training, want a tool not overly challenging, but still satisfying and fun. And for those who want something more? Well, as in the past can always choose version with plate racing.
Only comment I can make: I just can't seem to find myself at ease with Rossignol bindings, I always struggle to close and open, While tarandoli to 8 DIN is not an extreme measure. Will maybe used, but I find them quite complicated and I always wonder if stranded on the floor on a wall of a black, How would I handle it.

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TECHNICAL SHEET for the SKIING TRIED directly from the Team :

Rossignol Hero LT TI

Reactivity HIGH X LOW
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