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Ski Test 2019 : FISCHER

After the revolution The curv from previous years, This season Fischer devoted his attention mainly to the world ski boots, leaving virtually unchanged the ski collection. It was therefore an opportunity to try a great classic of Austrian.

Sampled during TEST PMC February 2018, organized by Ornello Sport Asola (MN) Premium users store.

Here are the comments of users :

Rc4 The Curv GTX (182) (Tester : thefabius)
I was recommended the GT, which unfortunately was not compatible with my boot sole, then fallback on this GTX. I don't know its location in the range, then approach neutrally, skiing like they were my skis (a 182 does it have to have a Sidecut GS, do not?). Though skiing is a little slow on reversal, cumbersome to find backers. Once you have set the curve, Shaver foil, the estate is very good and skiing remains stable, instilling confidence in the skier. The closure of the curve, however, requires strength, decision, seems ponderous and even here I leave some thinking. I decide then to read the measurements, and I find it has a 80 mm: Now let me explain slowness and forced. I am redefining some behavior, but I also wonder if it is a ski pleasure much in the market ...

FISCHER THE CURV DTX 178 R17 (Tester : rnt1)
Top of the line wasn't available for my measure of boots, so I turned in on this test to start the day.
And’ happened that the ascent group is attached to the Drei Zinnen with Marlies Schild, so the Nice cool down in perfect track conditions was very fast and not necessarily little attena ski features. The fact that allowed me to keep up with no mess is positive about skiing, but I cannot say more.

Fischer RC4 WC SC 165 (Tester : rnt1)
For a few years not to climb on this model, that equals his brother RC has made the history of Austrian. In this version is beautiful graphically, aside from the hole plugged tip that I really never liked, and presents the neon yellow slab which has now become a must for the Fischer race models. I tried it on Saturday afternoon with track now very messed up, which obliged to constant tempo changes and in turn constantly on the bottom extremely hard to avoid piles of snow were now created. Only in some places, flat ones I could make him run by setting some good GS turn. Perhaps because in these two days I tried a couple of special models that are far more substantial, I have to admit I was a little disappointed. For my taste, In fact, is perhaps a little too little too SC and SL, quite different from how I remember it I. It's very easy, tolerates all, but it lacks bite. You can't put dish because it begins to move, If you widen the radius of the curve and especially if you increase the speed can you feel becomes dancer. OK it's still a derivative from a SL, But compared with top products competition seems a step below. It is also true that Fischer also for short range tip on The curv in short measure, but a little bit of naughtiness in addition by a ski like this I still waited. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a slalom carve effortless and undemanding, that is not, however, in search of the typical verve of race by strides.

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TECHNICAL SHEET for the SKIING TRIED directly from the Team :

Rc4 The Curv GTX

Reactivity HIGH X LOW
Stability HIGH X LOW

by Team di 10 March 2018