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Ski Test 2019 : HEAD ( skis and boots)

Head long ago adopted the philosophy of "never change a winning horse", so even this season maintained practically unchanged its top series, world cup and supershape, by updating only the graphics of the first and introducing a new finish in supershape greatly increase resistance to scratches or superficial bumps. Though a novelty there is, and what a surprise ...

Sampled during TEST PMC February 2018, organized by Ornello Sport Asola (MN) Premium users store.

Here are the comments of users :

Irace PRO 175 (Tester : thefabius)

Last year I liked very much the iRace, I found myself well. So this year I wanted to see if the Pro version was on the same line or do they show something different. Well I must say that in this case the change I thought was huge: a radically different, that makes you want to make curves on the corners and close them well, He never seems in crisis. I wonder how it is possible, with the sole contribution of attack/race-like type plate system, and I find the stand that the internal structure is different, even the wood type is changed. Well, a sci managed, really fun and enjoyable.

Monster 83 (Tester : thefabius)

On Sunday morning I purposely chose a not terribly efficient to start, When worn with a ski boot different (see special review under). I thought it was a classic sci from easy approach, with whom do much, but then does not Excel in anything. Maneuverability good, good sealing, but fun anyway a bit limited, few emotions. In Conclusion, neither fish nor fowl, Although edible and nutritious ...

Monster 88 (Tester : thefabius)

Elder brother, tried later in search of a fat ski (I would like to replace my Rev85). Much like its namesake drier, always a hint of caution when changing edge (fil rouge of fatties), but also a feeling of greater ease and buoyancy. You are fine even on the edges, which is good. I mean good, more fun in its typology.

Kore 93 (Tester : thefabius)

Looking for a largone, I also feel this banana black, and I must say that I enjoyed it very much. Compared to the previous two, skiing is lighter and playful, but again has sufficient structure to stand over the edges (certain, Maybe not on steep slope and ticked). Wide and narrow curves fail well, Therefore I move to try it even off the track, where is always easy and , facilitating the task of the skier and giving away beautiful moments of pure fun. In Conclusion, very good!

NEXO LYT 130 (Boots) (Tester : thefabius)

This is a boot that integrates in the Graphene, It helps to have a large lightness (more than half a kg less in shoe!) without losing the performance. The hull is thermoformable (No DIY, but only c/o retailer enabled by Head) to add volume if necessary, but mostly the novelty lies in the LIQUID FIT, a patent Head that revolutionizes the injection in Ruby Slippers: in fact this sort of incompressible injectable gel is at will (only the ankle area) to fill in the blanks (intelligently, i.e. was always mobile and gelatinous within his pouch of housing), but the process is also reversible if necessary (or if it's overdone). The boot has a last = 100, and a target audience of skiers from medium to medium/bravo, While the Head will propose the Liquid Fit also on line Vector, He sees off its last 100 mm (model currently on sale) to 98 mm. On the field, you have enough fit easy and then big lightness to feet. The flex is progressive and allows you to feel the movement of the ankle, key thing to my mind for business evolution. The comfort is very good, the shoe snug (Let's say I gave it last 100 that stocking less than usual, having regard to the manner in which my slim foot was still held in the ski trip) and the boot remains warm enough even in the snow of backcountry. The lateral grip is good, However in line with the target of the shoe. What about, just a pleasant surprise !

Head i. Race 175 (Tester : rnt1)

There is not yet available. Race PRO, I was curious to try, so I'll settle the baby brother, already tried in the past without infamy and without praise. Feeling confirmed, I liked it a little’ more than in the past but probably for contingent factors.

Head i. Race PRO 175 R 15.3 (Tester : rnt1)
I finally get to try one of my primary goals, reply Head to Atomic X 9 and Salomon PRO in the field “master”. We're definitely on another level from little brother and is definitely more exciting and rewarding; in my opinion and taste remains slightly below those.

Head WC Rebels i. race pro 175 (Tester : renntiger)
As the i. race 2018 was the answer to Head the Atomic X 9, This i. race pro wants to be the competitor to the new X 9 racing and just like his rival of Altenmarkt plate race equipped it for some season is present in model by leaps and bounds. I tried it as first Ski Sunday morning on a track still immaculate and I must confess that I had a lot of fun. If I had defined the i. normal race a supershape speed vitaminized, well this pro can also be considered a "super.". Only turns to think, but like all Head, It does naturally, It's not particularly bad, though conveys true emotions, It is easy to, but never boring, If you do run it is a pleasure, and just as the Atomic and Salomon race pro which I will discuss later, robs extreme security as soon as you set the first corner. You seem to have it always skied and almost invite you to push and to raise the bar. Than its two competitors I felt that this Head turns even more, Despite having the same theoretical RADIUS, While offering the same tightness and accuracy when you spread your curves and most importantly increase speed. I am convinced that the only try the limits of this type of skiing is virtually impossible for a regular skier, because the Strait Act all like SL, Although they are always easier and more forgiving of specialized models, and when they do go go as and more than one giant skis. Only caveat, they're still skis with aggressive sidecuts, close to the Center, so a bit of forethought one has to work hard, because I do not like at all the interned in particular can become dangerous.

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TECHNICAL SHEET for the SKIING TRIED directly from the Team :

Irace PRO

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