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Ski Test 2019 : ATOMIC

Last season the Austrian had radically renewed its range by launching the series 9, G, S and X, all equipped with the new servotec system , they were going to replace the previous GS, SL and XT doubledeck series. This year he revised the graphics of the X 9, now available in a green color you can like it or not, but that does not make them go unnoticed, adding to the "normal" template, a model that can be defined as "master" assembling the plate/attack racing and that totally changes the character.

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Sampled during TEST PMC February 2018, organized by Ornello Sport Asola (MN) Premium users store.

Here are the comments of users :

X 9 181 (S) (Tester : thefabius)

Skiing last year got a green Kawasaki livery Atomic (criticized by more, but that's not me sorry) and a more powerful plate (Hence the S version, recognizable by the Red attack), and skiing, If possible, He even earned (not easy, as it was already very nice). Now it gets even more responsive, remaining very stable. Requires a bit more leg strength, loading auctions, but returns held, stability and fun. PS: I tried doing a couple of ski slopes with Marlies Schild (for those who had not brought, Google and Wikipedia are there on purpose! ), Guest Atomic which testimonial. Well, What about, not only a beautiful woman, but also a very kind person and extremely available (When was skiing with the kids present it was she who bore for them on skis with cable cars!)... pity that face literally another sport! Its a way to get into curve is something crazy, you don't see around even by normal masters. Make the wall of Holzriese behind her (but waaay behind, EH) pleases the eyes of fans, It helps to understand how far it might be the world of professionals from us poor tourists (as they say in Rome, pizza and figs !)

X 9 175 (S) (Tester : thefabius)

Same can be said of his older brother, the new plate gives vivacity and increases safety. Skiing is really very nice, ideal for lovers of curves in sequence and super conduct. Hard to find a flaw: simply I preferred the model with length greater than (for duty of disclosure, There is also a shorter version, 169, intended for women or men particularly light)

G9 RR 176 (Radius 21) (Tester : thefabius)

What's new home, theoretically for Italian market only (a sort of sartorial product created on specific measures). Well, a war machine: a ski that incorporates the well-known master concept that both worked at home Rossignol, and the decline to own way: and that way! Inevitable comparisons with competitor Master 18, immediately view a cornering isn't hard, I would say intuitively, then continue on two tracks and offers as well a decent boost in output and adrenaline! Maximum stability and strength, few or no vibrations, skiing manages to be manageable for a short range fun. Hard to find the limit, at least in free field, at least on my part. Really a great ski !





ATOMIC G9 177 (Tester : rnt1)
Last year I tried to a greater extent on the pitch and track I liked, but I had been wanting to try it out better in the most diverse field. Yet soon enough I took them on Holzriese 2 and I was really impressed by speed, stability and handling; I loved it so much.
Then, dropped by Signaue, I found another bunch with Marlies and then instead of returning them I did a second round, always Signaue, Holzriese 2, Holzriese 1, Signaue; What about, pure fun. This time on the wall of the 2 There was a little’ more crowds, so I had to do some’ turns off the track and was one of the most beautiful descents on steep I've ever done.
Great skiing.

ATOMIC X 9 175 Race R 15.4 (Tester : rnt1)
Before the descent of Sunday, beginning with the shorter of already tested X 9; last year I liked and then I wanted to compare it to the 181 yesterday. Orto del Toro was a pool table and I enjoyed it very much. A po’ the Drei Zinnen, where for a habitual choice incomprehensible that tell me, on the night they shot several piles of artificial snow, which then leave not pulled, creating traps that do not fall. They say they do it to discourage the sprinters on Sunday, I can understand that but not share it, in fact right from the very first morning there were several injuries, due to these dangerous conditions reliably.
Returning to skiing I have to say that the effect of the plate race makes absolutely solid and stable tool, I could easily ski in any conditions.

ATOMIC X 9 181 Race R 16.2 (Tester : rnt1)
I was curious to try the “my” skiing in the new version with race plate, only that the Drei Zinnen at 11:30 was already dug hard and mucchioni patches for the following mix of snow was hardly ideal for a ski trip as it should.
I got the impression that the plate racing gave too much aggressiveness to the power trowel, but almost certainly were the conditions and my legs no longer cool to be out of phase.
Aesthetics I liked most orange, but in fact thus distinguishes itself from the G9, whose red differed in shades.

Atomic X9 175 racing (Tester : renntiger)
This ski was the absolute star of the test; in practice, as I said above, is the X 9 features of plate racing, and is the practical demonstration of how this component is fundamental in modern skiing. This model indeed, while maintaining the extreme lightness of the brother "normal", from the first curve proves to be substantially different in character. Dell'x9 has the ease and immediacy, so much so that I've always skied, but as soon as you accelerate you realize how much more substantial; responsive right, It's never temperamental or unpredictable responses, Indeed it invites almost to increase speed; the more you go strong plus it feels planted on the ground, It's quick like a SL, but it has a high speed and accuracy of a typical GS, and those facts well too. The best of itself gives it especially in rhythm changes and RADIUS is where it becomes really a war machine: turns in a Flash and never has a hesitation, never a smudge, never an unexpected response, you put it there and he stands there, robs a security that few other skiing can give.
When last year I had tried the X 9 I had concluded my review writing "It's the perfect tool for anyone who wants a ski for doing everything and more, to go for a walk and get eight hours relaxing in the snow, but when you press the gas immediately responds, but doesn't give you never get that adrenaline rush that gave you the ancestor "bad" Xt ". ,
well, now I can write quietly: "welcome back XT" , Although this X 9 XT racing (pass me the term because I do not know which trade name has) repeats all the good, but lose that scorbuticità that distinguished his illustrious predecessor of the earliest editions which made it quite challenging and not within everyone's reach. What to add on the other? Just a tip, If you have the opportunity, give it a try, I'm sure you'll love, as if they are in love everybody hopped on in these two days.
PS: but green had to do it? MAH ...

Atomic X9 175 (Tester : renntiger)
After one year I wanted to try the X 9 in standard version, that as I said compared to the previous model has basically just different graphics, Green note, and a dedicated attack ever in solid. Well, What to say? I could copy and paste what I had written last year: skiing sincere, intuitive, never challenging, very forgiving and is definitely at the top of its category, the top allround, able to forgive any errors and therefore accessible to a very wide range of potential users. A perfect ski for those who want to have fun, without having to toe a tool too demanding and tiring ... certainly that after trying the racing version.

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