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Ski Test 2018 : Fischer RC4 WC

The Fischer RC4 The Curv 2018 is a curve, in fact, if properly set are easy in and with excellent tightness.

Sampled during TEST PMC February 2017, organized by Ornello Sport Asola (MN) Premium users store, have proved to be solid and stable, as advertised everywhere, especially in large radii are at ease.

Here are the comments of users :

Fischer RC4 The Curv 178
It is the now famous The Curv "doped", the one with the hotel FIS, a ski that liked it quite a bit already since last year. It is the first time I try it, and I found it very solid, always well placed, with an excellent seal. Good handling and presence in all curved beams, never create problems. A beautiful skiing in which the only reproach that I would have is to be a bit dull, that is not to provide a spring back like some other competitors.

Fischer RC4 The Curve 178
Definitely a nice skiing. All toasts, that produces an aggressive estate.
Though, perhaps due to the fact that to adjust the cap on my leg from fata (333mm shoe) the guys in the booth they moved back to the heel limit Fisher, to avoid having to dismantle and move the tip. Result: set back from the center of the ski boot designated, then short tail and with little support for those, like me, tends to move back… Therefore I have found much good. I lost several times the external incoming broad curve and found it to be cumbersome in cortoraggio.
Definitely due to my technical limitations, but zero enthusiasm.

Fischer RC4 The Curv 178 – N
Last year I didn't like that much and I had written, and pulled so the anger of those who had remained absolutely Thunderstruck, why I wanted to try it again on this occasion. Well, What about, I haven't changed my mind and I might rewrite it exactly what I wrote last year. In fact, with this tool I can not find the right feeling: too heavy for my taste, to start the curve you have to go in with a resoluteness and then he does what you want, by returning a good boost in rebound, However it does always with a moment's delay, same thing during junction: to make it run quickly into the Strait I saw myself forced to lift the inside ski. Change the music in wide turns, There is a bulldozer and never breaks a millimeter flattening everything in its path, But even on this ground I always seem a bit cumbersome and respond you must always enter so decided (you have to "rape" I said joking Caesar). I remain convinced then that is a ski that requires a powerful and sporty skiing to give its best and I understand this is perfect for people with, In addition to a great technique, also an important and powerful skiing and sports physical, While I have skiing light and underpowered, with The Curv just can't make friends: We are not made for each other.

Ornello Sport

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TECHNICAL SKI TRIED ( Prepared by the editorial staff of :

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by Team di 22 February 2017