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ORTOVOX rucksack ASCENT Test 40 AVABAG, a weight of about 2,1 Kg for a capacity of 40 liters. Size practice for those who have the need to make trips of several days, but also it comes in handy when you need to carry around more material.

Backpack has been tested in three trips Skialp, all on 1.000 meters in altitude or so :

Based on the weight, I can say that the Ascent 40 weighs about 2,1 kg, so a kg more than my backpack precendente 35 en. I think the extra weight but feels there is little, because the backpack is very stable on the back. Just the fit is one of the strengths: tightening the ventral straps and the pectoral backpack adheres well and has a backrest well done that distributes the weight well.

The version 40 liters is handy for those who need to do multi-day trips, but also it comes in handy when you need to carry around more material. For example, there are both comfortably crampons that a thermos. The side compression straps are also useful for thinning the backpack when it is not completely full.

Personally I found it very well organized space and the various pockets. Initially I had some misgivings about opening "book", but after using it I have to say that is functional (as well as mandatory due to the arrangement of the ball). Very convenient is the external pocket dedicated to the shovel and the probe, where you can also put rampant and skins. Much also valid fastening systems for the ax (there are two), ski and rope, as well as the removable and elastic retina for the helmet. In addition there are in each of the straps which allow the fixing of the backpack of the snowboard or other bulky objects (snowshoes or other).

A safe level, smart is the ability to try the airbag deployment lever without blowing up the ball, with a special test procedure in which you have to unscrew the gas cylinder. In this way you can try the force necessary to pull the lever and the right movement to perform.

Unique critical points: the price (about 700 €, however aligned with the cost of most of the competitors) and the absence of outside pockets for small items, with the exception of a rather essential pocket placed on the ventral strap.


01: backpack is compact and without unnecessary frills

02: the outer pocket for the transceiver kit, very practical

03: the main compartment opens like a book

04: space is sufficient for the even crampons

05: the coupling of the ax

07: Side compression straps, possibly also ski rack

08: the extractable retina helmet holder

010: the ski fastening system


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by Gianfranco MountainReview 25 January 2020