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Piedmont is rich in famous ski resorts, from the Maritime Alps to the Alps. The Riserva Bianca Sestriere, the ski area and Bardonecchia Ski Mondolè eg, offer many km of slopes always well beaten, equipped with facilities for artificial snow and excellent ski lifts.
A few kilometers from Turin you can reach important places, famous for skiing that have hosted races famous Alpine Ski, Ski Touring and Cross Country.

Pneumatici Invernali Piemonte 2015-2016

Piedmont Winter Tires 2015-2016

Winter tyres, or snow tires, must be filled in according to the Piedmont winter orders 2015-2016 over the entire peninsula starting from 15 November, in advance to the 15 October in mountain areas.

by 31 August 2015 News Winter tires
A Bardonecchia appuntamento con la velocità, KL Speed Ski

A Bardonecchia appointment with the speed, KL Speed Ski

Back Saturday 14 March skiing speed event called KL Speed Ski and organized by Joyful Promotion in […]

by 12 March 2015 News Bardonecchia
Sciare Gratis sul Monterosa nel 2015

Free skiing on the Monterosa 2015

In times of crisis the valleys of the Monte Rosa trigger a major initiative to satisfy all lovers of […]

by 21 February 2015 News Monterosa Ski
Pragelato Natural Terrain con Ferrino

Pragelato Natural Terrain with Ferrino

Freeride, ski mountaineering, Nordic skiing, running and snowshoeing at the Natural Terrain Ferrino Pragelato.

by 19 February 2015 News Pragelato
Polizia Municipale in pista per il controllo della Via Lattea

Police Station on track for the control of the Milky Way

Municipal Police officers on the ski slopes, fighters take to the track in the Milky Way.

by 16 February 2015 News Milky Way ski area
Slitta e Bob per il Carnevale sulla neve a Sauze d’Oulx

Sled and Bob for the Carnival in the snow at Sauze d'Oulx

In Sauze d'Oulx with sledge, bob or other creative means for a non-competitive downhill, for a carnival fun in the snow.

by 10 February 2015 News Milky Way ski area
Via Lattea, si scia su gran parte delle montagne Olimpiche

Milky Way, you wake up much of the Olympic mountains

SESTRIERE - Despite little snow has fallen on the Alps, at least in this first part of the winter season, in tourist resorts that are part of the Consortium Sestriere and the Olympic Mountains and Vialattea skiing continuously from mid-December.

by 10 January 2015 News Milky Way ski area
I Fratelli Marsaglia testimonial VIALATTEA in Coppa del Mondo 2015

The Brothers Marsaglia testimonial VIALATTEA in World Cup 2015

Milky Way Ski will rppresentata by Francesca and Matteo Marsaglia in the World Cup Alpine Ski 2014/2015

by 25 October 2014 News Milky Way ski area
Via Lattea : La Stagione sciistica inizia il 6 dicembre con tante novità per il 2015

Milky Way : The Ski season begins 6 December with many innovations for 2015

Milky Way : the ski season in Milky Way is set for next 6 dicembre 2014 with many new features and attractions for the season 2015.

by 25 October 2014 News Milky Way ski area
Ordinanze Invernali Piemonte 2014 -2015

Ordinances Winter Piedmont 2014 -2015

Chewing or obligation to Snow Chains on Board in Piedmont in the period from 15 November to 31 March of every year. Winter tyres increase safety with precipitation snowfall or ice formation on the roadway

by 5 October 2014 News Winter tires
Pragelato : Campionati Italiani Giovani e Gara nazionale di Salto e Combinata Nordica

Pragelato : Young Italian Championships and Race National Jump and Nordic Combined

Young Italian Championships and Race National Jump and Nordic Combined, organized by the Ski Club in Pragelato Sestriere and the Committee Pro Ski Jumping

by 4 October 2014 News Pragelato
Bardonecchia : nuove seggiovie e palazzetto dello sport entro il 2016

Bardonecchia : new chairlifts and sports hall by 2016

As before the Olympics, are shared investment in the ski resort of Bardonecchia in Piedmont. Will be inaugurated by 2016 two new chairlifts and a new sports hall.

by 16 September 2014 News Bardonecchia
Meteo Bardonecchia, previsioni del Tempo

Weather Bardonecchia, Weather forecast

Weather Bardonecchia, constant updating of the weather situation for planning holidays or the day of skiing and snowboarding on the snow.

by 4 September 2014 Bardonecchia
Webcam Sansicario : Colle Bercia Cesana

Webcam Sansicario : Colle Bercia Cesana

Webcam Sansicario : Lato Oulx

Webcam Sansicario : Side Oulx

Webcam Sauze d’Oulx – Via Lattea : vista su Oulx e Monte Seguret 2926 m.

Webcam Sauze d'Oulx – Milky Way : view of Oulx and Monte Seguret 2926 m.

Webcam Sauze d’Oulx : Campetti Sportinia – Via Lattea

Webcam Sauze d'Oulx : Pitches Sportinia – Milky Way

Webcam Sestriere : Trebials arrivo seggiovia – Via Lattea

Webcam Sestriere : Trebials arrival chairlift – Milky Way

Webcam Sestriere : Cit Roc – Via Lattea

Webcam Sestriere : Cit Roc – Milky Way


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