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Cross-country skiing is a discipline very tiring, with excellent sport for cardio-fitness. And’ a sport that is practiced relatively slow skiing nordic skiing along with two raceways jokes, pushing with ski poles very long.
All news of competitions and races cross country skiing and the news of the greatest champions of the sport winter sports.

Pilgrim and sprint qualifications promoted in Dan of Quebec City. Out S, Noeckler, Brocard and Ganz

Ilaria Debertolis qualifies for the quarterfinals in the sprint freestyle which opened Cup finals […]

by 17 March 2017 Cross country

Sundby dominated the 50 km of Oslo and makes sure the World Cup, Noeckler holds and fourteenth

Martin Sundby legitimizes the conquest of the third World Cup career by winning the second consecutive year 50 […]

by 11 March 2017 Cross country

The quarter ends the race in classic sprint in Drammen Pilgrim. Norwegian supremacy: Brandsdal before Klaebo that takes the Red bib

Norwegian dominance in classical technique sprint in Drammen. The quarterfinals are eight norge and qualifiers […]

by 8 March 2017 Cross country

Pilgrim ready in Drammen for the….Sprint final: “I carry with me the good feelings of the World Championships in Lahti”

The penultimate round of the season with the World Cup sprint in Drammen, in Norway, where Wednesday 8 March is […]

by 7 March 2017 Cross country

Canada's historic gold in 50 km enclosing the Lahti World. Pellegrin 40/or, Rafferty 46/or. Italy fourth in the medals table of the Fund

And’ the historic gold medal for Alex harvey and Canada to close the Championships in Lahti 2017, with […]

by 5 March 2017 Cross country

Sumptuous Bjoergen wins fourth gold in Lahti. Well 15/16/a a and Debertolis Brocard in 30 km final

Marit Bjoergen is the dominatrix of Lahti and conquest in 30 km the fourth gold in this review […]

by 4 March 2017 Cross country
L’Italia di sci di Fondo nel La Skisport Halle di Oberhof in preparazione alla Coppa del mondo

L ’ Italy ski track in The Skisport Halle in Oberhof in preparation for the World Cup

The refrigerator in Oberhof (Provides) will host the World Cup teams Italy ski track for indoor preparation.

by 20 October 2016 News Cross Country Skiing
Allo Stelvio condizioni invernali per lo sci di fondo

Allo Stelvio winter conditions for skiing

Winter snow conditions very similar to those encountered in Scandinavia and low temperatures have welcomed the cross country World Cup teams on the Stelvio glacier.

by 9 October 2016 News Cross Country Skiing
Calendario 2017 Coppa del Mondo di Sci di Fondo (16-17)

Calendar 2017 Cross country World Cup (16-17)

Cross country calendar 2017 (16-17) will kick off with the race in Ruka (END) drawing to a close in Russia to Tuymen. The cross country World Championships 2017 will be held in Lahti, in Finland.

Pellegrino quarto nella sprint di Lahti dominata dalla Norvegia.

Pilgrim fourth in sprint in Lahti dominated by Norway.

Frederick Pellegrino always leading in the specialty World Cup although it ends with fourth place in the final of the Freestyle sprint in Lahti.

by 22 February 2016 News Cross Country Skiing
De Fabiani secondo nella 15Km di Falun. Primo Ustiugov

De Fabiani second in the 15 km in Falun. First Ustiugov

Francesco De Fabiani tick down the long straight that ended a very fast 15 km Freestyle World Cup on track Falun that saw a dozen Swedish competitors fighting for the podium in the final sprint.

by 14 February 2016 News Cross Country Skiing
Pellegrino e Rastelli fuori ai quarti nella sprint a tecnica classica di Stoccolma

Pilgrim and Rastelli out in the quarterfinals in classical technique sprint in Stockholm

Frederick Pellegrino EC l ’ has made. After the morning qualifying time good seventh ’, the policeman also had to surrender […]

by 11 February 2016 News Cross Country Skiing
Pellegrino settimo nelle qualifiche della sprint in classico di Stoccolma

Pilgrim seventh in qualifying in the sprint in classic Stockholm

The duel Russia – Norway has characterized the artistic qualification of sprint in Stockholm alternating. The partial victory is […]

by 11 February 2016 News Cross Country Skiing
ATOMIC Sport PRO Classic BOOT 2015 – Scarponcino Sci di fondo

ATOMIC Sport PRO Classic BOOT 2015 – Scarponcino Sci di fondo

L’ Atomic Sport Pro Classic offre prestazioni eccezionali senza compromettere il comfort – ideal for long distance and long skiers […]

by 27 May 2015 Cross country
Sci di Fondo 2015 : risultati e classifiche della Coppa del Mondo di sci Nordico

Cross country 2015 : results and rankings of the World Cup Nordic skiing

The FIS Cross-Country World Cup 2015 was won in the men from Martin Johnsrud Sundby and in the women's field by Marit Bjoergen, both Norwegian.

News Sci di Fondo FISI – Notizie del giorno di sci Nordico.

News Cross Country FIS – News of the day of Nordic skiing.

Cross country, all the news from the world of Nordic skiing races of the World Cup and the Federation FISI. Official news of cross-country skiing 2015.

by 26 February 2015 News Cross Country Skiing
Sci di Fondo : cresce la squadra di coppa del mondo per Lillehammer

Cross country : growing team of world cup for Lillehammer

David Hofer and Debortolis are added to the group of Lillehammer

by 1 December 2014 News Cross Country Skiing
Marcialonga : la classica dello Sci di Fondo tra Val di Fiemme e  Fassa

Marcialonga : the classic of the Cross Country Skiing in Val di Fiemme and Fassa

For lovers of cross country skiing, the route of the famous Marcialonga is an experience to try at least once in a lifetime. The track is located in Val di Fiemme and winds along the valley from Moena to Predazzo in a path 70 Km.

by 24 November 2014 Cross country
Sci Nordico : La squadra FISI Alpi Occidentali ha completato gli allenamenti Estate / Autunno

Nordic : The team FISI Western Alps has completed workouts Estate / Autumn

That of the 2014 was an intensive summer training for athletes Cuneo and Turin team FIS Nordic Ski

by 17 October 2014 News Cross Country Skiing


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