Materials for ski and snowboard

First time on the snow ! how to choose the materials : all, ski and snow clothing

Ski suit and clothing for snow, jackets and pants to ski or snowboard in the snow. Ski suits to go the first time on the snow.

If you are a first in the snow, why you want to participate in a skiing organized by the school or because it's your first day white is normal to think about what to buy ski clothing, what materials to rent or buy, preparararsi and how to deal with the cold and snow.

Ski resort - Decided about the location will be appropriate to identify an area with many bike represented on ski-map with blue color (low difficulty), so as to facilitate learning.

Ski Clothing - In the specialty stores in town or in the mountains you can find everything you need, remember some great sports centers where you can find attractive prices: It. Cisalfa, Decathlon etc. Indispensable a vest snow. The clothing will be full (all) or in two parts (pants and jacket), however, must consist of material with warm padding, preferably breathable waterproof outer.

The more technical clothing will always be composed of jacket and trousers separate. Gloves should be made of materials with good thermal insulation and waterproof. The snow pants must have the same characteristics of the jacket. Can be a valuable ally mask especially in case of snow or fog. remember that while skiing are physically active and then you tend to sweat, so there is no need to dress up too, modern materials allow you to use attires apparently light but very warm and comfortable.


Equipment Hire - First you have to evaluate what you plan to ski during the season, and evaluate the purchase prices with those of hire. Rental prices range from the complete kit 15 all 20 Euro. Generally rentals in the city are slightly cheaper, but often in the ski resorts is a wide range of makes and models.
Decide if you want to use Ski or Snowboard, because the disciplines are very different, from the technical point of view the ski is much more complex to start while the snowboard is easier, obviously exclude for both disciplines evolution jumps and speed. Obviously, the advice is to start with what you like ....

Ski School - To learn properly and learn the basics of the discipline chosen appropriately is advisable to contact a ski school in the mountain resort. You can receive lessons induvidulai or collective, it is important that the collective are practiced by groups at the same technical level.

Ski Pass - For the first few days please ask at the ticket offices of the area if you can buy points or daily aimed only at the beginners area. The points allow you to make a few runs but for the first period will be fine .... later you can use ski pass that will allow you access to districts with many kilometers of slopes of varying difficulty.

In general we should remember that it is good practice for adults and children to wear a helmet during sports.

by Maurizio Del Grosso 6 September 2017