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Extreme Mammoth Summer clothing 2018

For the summer 2018, Mammoth is dedicated to products that combine lightness and extreme performance, paving the way for mountaineering adventures to live in total freedom. For the new summer line Eiger Extreme Home Switzerland, leading manufacturer of technical sports material, He worked closely with his team of professional athletes. Climbers like Dear North and Steph Davis have brought important recommendations and criticisms during product development. Mammut works with them to develop products that are lightweight and breathable while at the same time incredibly robust, essential qualities for these athletes.

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The modern Mountaineer scale and reaches extreme peaks. This involves specific requirements for their equipment and clothing. For the fourth generation of line Eiger Extreme, Mammut focused on using high-tech materials, high-level manpower and excellent functionality of the final product, Since even the slightest difference in weight makes a difference.

The two athletes Mammoth Dear North and Steph Davis have tested the new product lineaestiva Eiger Extreme directly on Mount Eiger: the rocks and ice met durantetutto the route from downtown to the Mittellegi Ridge Ostegg were the perfect setting for willing to test new materials.
Steph is an American legend of climbing and base jumping. She was the first woman to climb all peaks of Fitzroy in Patagonia and climbing in free mode the
Salathè Wall on El Capitan. Together with a fellow climbing, were the first
EAM female to climb the Tower Cerro in Pata gonia. Dear specializes in rocks and sughiaccio tour and is currently aspiring mountain guide.
The tests brought a unanimous rating of the two athletes. Pure enthusiasm,lightness and l ibertà of movement together with an incredible strength ... for an avventurasenza limits.

Mammut Nordwand Light HS Hooded Jacket Men/Women

A minimalist shell, ultra lightweight and breathable.
The north face jacket light hs hooded (Slim-cut) is ideal for ascending fast. Made of a new material,extremely lightweight and breathable, three layers of GORE ® GORE-TEX ® C-termosaldateGORE-SEAM ® Tape seams ™ KNIT 8 mm. This allows you to find the perfect balance between protection from the elements, weight ecomfort. The sophisticated building mammoth High Reach Technology ™ prevents the jacket to get up during the most difficult ledistensioni. In addition the Mammoth Vertical Motion design

Construction ™ provides an optimal fit even during the most difficult movements of the climbers. Waterproof zippers,with cuffs and hood elastics seeds (Wearable over ilcasco) with Single-Pull Hood ™ pioggiae Mammoth construction wind will no longer be a problem.

North Face Light HS Pants

As for the jacket, the north face pants Light HS offer a great comfort during ascents on mountain roads. Designminimalista, is made of a new material, extremely lightweight and breathable, made up of three layers of GORE ® GORE-TEX ® C-KNIT ™ and GORESEAM ® 8 mm Tape sealed seams. The areas most subject to wear (the inside of the leg and back) were strengthened with a panel of three-layer GORE-TEX ®. The Mammoth construction Vertical Motion Construction provides a great fit even in the most complex movements of a climb. The flat waistband prevents the formation of folds under the harness. The width of the leg is adjustable. Length .75 and zippers on the sides ensure comfort ventilation during the most





Eisfeld Light KNOW Hoody Men/Women

The Eisfeld Light KNOW Hoody is a minimalist and super breathable soft shell. The material is a dryskin stretch schoeller ® soft shell fabric that offers a high level of comfort and a rapid drying exceptional. This is the first time that the Mammoth technology Phase Map ™ is used: reinforced sections are seamless integrated into the material, in areas particularly vulnerable, offering increased abrasion resistance and freedom of movement, without sacrificing lightness. Cloudback ® treatment does not allow the tissue to warm up under the Sun, Despite being a dark color. The sophisticated building mammoth High Reach Technology ™
prevents the jacket to get up during the bench press harder.
In addition the Vertical Motion Mammoth Construction design ™ provides an excellent fit even during the most challenging movements of the climbers. Thanks to the hood (worn over the helmet) with Single-Pull Hood ™ Mammoth construction adjustable both vertically and horizontally, rain and wind will no longer be a problem.

Eisfeld Light KNOW Pants Men/Women

As for the jacket, the pants themselves in their ideal size Light KNOW Eisfeld on streets of mountaineering and mountain tours. These are super breathable soft shell pants
seamless reinforced areas, Mammut Phase Map ™ technology. Wind-resistant materials Schoeller ® dryskin stretch soft shell is a very comfortable and quick drying. Las ofisticata construction High Reach Technology ™ prevents the Mammut jacket to get up during the presses harder. In addition, the Mammut Construction Vertical Motion ™ design ensures optimum fit anchedurante the most demanding movements of the climbers. The elastic waistband does not allow the formation of unwanted creases under the harness. There are two small pockets peri small objects with lockable zippers and compatible with the sling.


The special ergonomic cut based on the human anatomy and the strategic use of elastic materials allow a freedom of movement without equal. The cut includes a complex construction of the sleeve and is based on a 3D building, reaching a new level of freedom of movement while climbing.

Mammut Phase Map ™ integrates various material properties, in a single fabric, seamless. The result is a light and sophisticated product for top performance and a sleek and functional look.
The hood Mammut Single Pull Hood ™ combines a light and simple regulation system, with a high level of protection. All this in a wearable hood over helmet.

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