Alpine Skiing

Video Alpine skiing course : How to learn from a video Setup FISI and technical

Video ski course, school setting and technique of alpine skiing : These videos are taken from a DVD of ski technique and setting of curve in alpine skiing, disclosed by the FIS. Advance, setting and cornering grip.

In the following video Alpine skiing courses, are illustrated and explained in detail the steps of setting the curve during the giant slalom and the alpine skiing events.

Ski videos online, with the help of colorful graphics will be reflected in the trajectory curve and you can see the step of advance and setting, the seal during the curve itself and the exit of the curve with explanations for not fall into traps typical of giant : the “hospitalized” or slipped on the outside ....

In the video you can see FISI Alpine skiing the correct backing onto the inside ski and the correct dynamic action of the bust that accompanies ’ whole movement; to note also the positioning and movement of arms, as well as the centrality.

During a race often, the difficult conditions of the ski slope and the icy snow or deteriorated, make it difficult ’ smooth action of the skier, that high speed (as you can see in the videos) should set the correct path to minimize time and maintain maximum speed.

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by Maurizio Del Grosso 6 September 2014